Super Bingo Cards Maker Free Trial Limitations

The purpuse of the Super Bingo Cards Maker free trial is so that you can try it out and see if it works for you before you purchase.

We've purchased software from a store before, only to have it not work or install on our computers, and then not be able to return it to the store or get a refund. :(

At, we don't want this to happen to you. This is why we created the Super Bingo Cards Maker Free Trial!

Not only that, we offer a 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! We make awesome products and we want to you be happy with them.

You can create full Bingo Cards with up to 100 words, fully customize them, and preview what the Bingo Cards will look like when they will be printed.

Then when you know it works and you like the result,

the full version and instantly download and print your word game and continue to create as many word games as you'd like!

  • FREE Trial - Make and save as many Bingo Cards as you'd like forever.
  • Create Crosswords, Word Searches, Bingo Cards, Flashcards, Word Scrambles, and more!
  • Make sure it works for you and you like it before you .
  • The free trial allows you to create word games with up to 100 words, but you can only download and print samples and small word games.
  • Purchase Today to download and print Bingo Cardswith up to 100 words!
  • Bingo cards are limited to 20 unique cards
So what are you waiting for?

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We make the best possible product and stand behind it
Super Crossword Creator has a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't 100% satisfied, or it doesn't work for you, contact us for a quick and easy refund
100% Money Back Guarantee
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